Allen House

Allen House is located (behind the fence) at

50 Kendall Ave, Rutland, Vermont 05701 MAP 



Why a wagon wheel?

wagon wheel redAllen House (originally known as The Writers’ Room at Allen House*) is owned by Brad Young and Joanna Tebbs Young. It was named for Joanna’s grandfather, Bernard Allen, a writer who tapped out long letters to his children and grandchildren on an old typewriter in his backyard shed.

Although it was believed at one point that Allen House had began its life in approximately 1870 as a wheelwright shop, after some further research it was discovered this wasn’t the case (the house was built in 1887 by a Civil War Veteran’s attorney**). The wagon wheel found on the property now presides over the front of the house where wheels are turning of a different kind: Creativity, self-discovery, and healing… getting you out of those ruts of life.

HEADSHOTbyLocke1fromabovecrop*If you were looking for The Writers’ Room at Allen House or Joanna Tebbs Young, MA-TLA, Expressive Writing Coach & Facilitator, you can find her at Wisdom Within, Ink or on Facebook.

**An article written by Joanna Tebbs Young on the history of the house orginally featured in the Spring 2015 issue of The Rutland Magazine can be found here: The House on Garden Street