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Brad Young, MS, LCMHC, CHt

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Certified EMDR therapist in Rutland, Vermont

51B Killington Ave, Rutland, VT

You are a whole a person, not just a diagnosis.

Brad Young doesn’t treat patients. He helps you overcome hurts from the past quickly and efficiently. He believes that if you are truly ready for change, you can be significantly helped in 5 to 10 sessions. Once the old traumatic memories have been removed Brad encourages you to leave therapy and get readjusted to your new freedom.

Your psychology and your body are one in the same. Emotions manifest in the body. Brad looks at the Whole person – history, experience, self-beliefs, and cultural pressures – to guide your journey to wellness and well-being

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I want to thank Brad Young EMDR Counseling for giving me back my life. Brad has helped me to find my inner peace and happiness again.

Before I began therapy with Brad, I was having anxiety attacks and panic attacks and I was frustrated and feeling edgy and depressed all the time. Brad suggested we try EMDR Therapy as opposed to the more common cognitive therapy I had been doing for many years. 

Something had been missing from my life for quite some time. Through EMDR, a technique Brad suggested I try, I was amazed at the results. I saw a difference almost immediately and I am still amazed at the progress we made in a few short months! 

I am so happy to say that I am now FREE of anxiety, panic, depression, and I can live my life much more peacefully than ever before.

If you have ever had anxiety and or depression, then you know just how unhappy and debilitating your life can be. I have learned how to let go of the things that were making me anxious and the things that were bringing me down.

Thank You Brad!!! You have given me back my life and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for you.
Happy Again! LJ

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