What to expect in a Hypnotherapy session

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Hypnosis is not as scary as people are led to believe from movies or cartoons. I will not make you bark like a dog or walk around the room like a chicken–unless you want to. Hypnosis is simply helping you move into a very relaxed state of mind and encouraging you to experience the kind of life you hope for.

It could be the experience of being around for your daughter’s wedding now that you have quit smoking, or perhaps perfecting your golf swing. In that relaxed state the filters between what you actually experience and what you imagine start to dissipate so that your body, and deeper levels of mind can experience it too.

As you know, once you have done something once it is easier to repeat. Hypnosis is a team effort with you in the lead. So in our sessions I will work with you to develop the suggestions, metaphors, and sensory experiences you want to incorporate into your life. I then teach you how to fully relax your body and talk you through your hoped for experiences with as much feeling and emotion as possible. You remain fully aware during this process, following along with my words and allowing the imagery to develop, as if hearing me read stories that you most identify with. Interestingly, those stories return to your conscious mind and body just as you need them.

I will also teach you how to reinforce the experiences and insights on your own. Hypnosis can be used for many issues; your imagination is the only limit. Cravings, weight loss, pain relief, phobias, fears, spiritual experiences, changing old habits, and increasing self-esteem to name only a very few.

Typically hypnosis is done in blocks of 3 to 5 sessions depending on the goal.

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